International Journal of Management and Education in Human Development 2024-02-22T00:43:32+07:00 Sanihu Open Journal Systems <p>International Journal of Management and Education in Human Development (IJMEHD) is a journal that contains the results of management science and education of human development research published by the International Association of Management and Human Resources Development (IAMHRD) every three months a year.</p> Fishermen's Legal Awareness of The Use of Fish Bombes In Bombana District Water Area (Study At Direktorat Pol.Air Sultra) 2024-02-22T00:07:37+07:00 La Ode Bariun Djohar Arifin La Ode Munawir Basoddin Basoddin Parulian Napitupulu Sunariyanto Sunariyanto <p><em>The Republic of Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries with a sea area of 3,257,483 km2, not including the waters of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with 13,667 islands. Apart from that, Indonesia is rich in culture, language, and abundant natural resources. As stated in the 1945 Constitution, "The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is an archipelagic country characterized by an archipelago with territories whose boundaries and rights are determined by law."The sea and coastal areas surrounding Indonesia contain enormous and diverse economic potential, so Indonesia is known as the largest archipelagic country with the greatest marine biodiversity. Biological resources found in Indonesian seas include fish, mangroves, coral reefs, and seagrass beds, and non-biological resources in the form of petroleum, natural gas, and mining.</em><em> This research is planned for two months and is planned to be carried out with the completion of the Proposal Seminar in March after which it will be continued with research which will be planned in March and April 2023 in Bombana Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province. </em><em>Based on the results of the research analysis and discussion, the following conclusions can be drawn:</em><em> 1). </em><em>The level of legal awareness of fishermen in Lora Village, Mata Oleo District, Bombana Regency is classified as low.</em><em> 2). </em><em>Factors that influence the level of legal awareness of fishermen in Taspuhai Village, Central Rumbia District, Bombana Regency, namely:</em> <em>a. Internal factors</em> <em>(1) Fisherman's legal knowledge is high,</em> <em>(2) Fisherman's understanding of the law is low,</em> <em>(3) Attitude towards the law is low,</em> <em>(4) Fishermen's legal behavior patterns are low.</em> <em>b. External Factors</em> <em>(1) Education,</em> <em>(2) Economic Conditions,</em> <em>(3) Lack of cooperation between Fishermen and the Government.</em><em> 3). </em><em>Efforts made to increase the legal awareness of fishermen in Lora Village, Mataoleo District, Bombana Regency, namely conducting socialization of the law, having COREMAP placed in each village, and providing alternative aid funds.</em></p> 2023-12-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Association of Management and Human Resource Development Synergy of Collaboration Between BNN and Polri in the Process of Investigating Narcotics Crimes (A Study of the Police and BNN of Southeast Sulawesi Province ) 2024-02-22T00:12:04+07:00 Muh. Yusuf Winner A. Siregar Sri Khayati LD. Muh. Isman Hardiansyah B. Agus Umar Slamet Riyanto <p>Indonesia is a country based on law, not a country based on power. The logical consequence of the principle of the rule of law is that everything in Indonesia must be regulated by a set of statutory regulations. The aim is to create public order towards a society that is physically and mentally prosperous. Legislation regulates individual rights and obligations as citizens. The narcotics problem is a classic problem but is still a big obstacle in law enforcement and national development. Criminal acts are no longer carried out in secret but are carried out very openly by users and dealers in carrying out dangerous goods operations. The fact that can be seen, almost every day, both through print and electronic media, is that these illicit goods have spread everywhere indiscriminately, especially among the teenage generation who are expected to become the nation's next generation in the future. This research lasted for 2 months. This research took place at the Kendari City Police Office and the Regional National Narcotics Agency (BNN). The type of research used is qualitative descriptive research. Based on the research results, several factors found in this research indicate the underlying variables in the framework of building a law enforcement system in relation to social welfare interests and security interests, namely the role of law enforcement in creating legal effectiveness is essentially determined more by 2 (two) ) factor, namely the importance of criminal sanctions so that they can have a deterrent effect and the second factor is the use of appropriate investigative techniques, such as covert purchasing techniques, supervised delivery of narcotics. That the existence of cooperation in the form of an Integrated Assessment Team (TAT) consisting of BNN, Polri, Prosecutor's Office, Supreme Court and Ministry of Law and Human Rights as the legal team while Doctors and Psychologists as the medical team, is very effective in facilitating the process of handling narcotics addicts and victims of narcotics abuse into rehabilitation institution.</p> <p>Obstacles that are often faced in the collaboration process between BNN and Polri are the limited quality of human resources in preventing and taking action against perpetrators of narcotics crimes, both BNN and Polri, the limited number of members owned by BNN, and the limited tools they have in preventing and take action against perpetrators of narcotics crimes.</p> 2023-12-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Association of Management and Human Resource Development Juridical Review of the Crime of Inducing Obscenity Against Children (Case Study in Polres, Bombana Regency) 2024-02-22T00:17:34+07:00 ST Fatmawati L Suriani BT. Tolo Hijriani Hijriani Marlin Marlin Ayu Lestari Dewi Hamdil Ula <p><em>Indonesia is a country that was formed based on law and has been used by society in everyday life. So that every movement or action of society has legal values in it. However, as time goes by, the types of acts that violate the law are increasingly diverse in society. The government and the authorities have repeatedly provided outreach to make the public aware of the consequences of a criminal act that they commit, not only harming other people but themselves, but in its development this effort has not been enough to make the public aware. To obtain the data and information needed for the preparation of this thesis, the research will be carried out at the Bombana District Police Headquarters. This place was chosen because the author felt that research data on the crime of persuading children could be obtained at the Bombana Regency Police Station. The application of material criminal law by the Panel of Judges applying Article 81 Paragraph (2) of Law Number 35 of 2014 concerning Child Protection and Article 82 of Law No. 35 of 2014 concerning Child Protection because the victims are children and the basis for its implementation is the lex specialist principle. The legal considerations of the panel of judges in imposing criminal sanctions on the defendant were not appropriate because the sentence imposed on the defendant still contained deficiencies that were not by his actions so that it could damage the child mentally and sociologically. It is hoped that judges will be clearer in considering aggravating and mitigating factors for the defendant, this is related to the value of fairness of a decision for all parties and the deterrent effect of the decision. It is hoped that parents will pay more attention and understanding to their children so that children do not get trapped, let alone become victims of criminal acts of sexual abuse that destroy the child's future. An approach from a religious perspective is very necessary because that way people can control their desires so as not to commit wrong actions because this is based on religious values.</em></p> 2023-12-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Association of Management and Human Resource Development Countering the Bomb Terror Threat by the Gegana Detachment of the Southeast Sulawesi Mobile Brigade Unit 2024-02-22T00:22:51+07:00 La Ode Muhram Niken Yulian Yusuf Wa Ode Intan Kurniawati Supriadi Supriadi La Ode Hariru Arief Rachman Zainuddin <p><em>The era of reform has inspired a spirit of renewal, a spirit of repair, arrangement, and improvement which consciously highlights various inequalities, deviations, and disproportionate things. The separation of the National Police from the TNI is one of the agendas that occurred in the reform era, and it is a demand from the public who wants changes in the performance of the National Police in carrying out their duties, as stated in Article 13 of Law Number 2 of 2002 concerning the Police of the Republic of Indonesia, which states that: The main task of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia is to maintain security and public order, enforce the law and provide protection, guidance and service to the community. One of the progress of the National Police that is worth noting as part of efforts to improve police performance since the separation from the TNI is the disclosure of bomb cases in Indonesia using the Scientific Crime Investigation (SCI) method, as a term that can be tested. For example, the disclosure of the Bali bombing case, which was initially doubted by many parties, regarding the ability of the National Police to uncover the case, even when the National Police were able to uncover the Bali bombing 1 step by step, unpleasant accusations were immediately heard, that the National Police had engineered the case. This type of research is included in the category of normative legal research. 2 factors, namely supporting factors and inhibiting factors. These factors are as follows:1. Supporting Factors 2. Inhibiting Factors. one of the suggestions given that the application of the Retroactive principle to cases of criminal acts of terrorism will not violate Human Rights because retroactivity is vulnerable to violations of Human Rights, however, the need for retroactive application is highly desirable, nowadays considering that the impact of criminal acts of terrorism is very broad and systemic.</em></p> 2023-12-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Association of Management and Human Resource Development Press Control Function of the Surat Kabar Harian (SKH) Rakyat Sultra on the Kendari City Government's Flood Disaster Management Policy 2024-02-22T00:26:37+07:00 Amir Faisal Muhammad Fitriadi Muhammad Tahir Alimuddin Alimuddin Umar Marhum <p><em>Prolonged, high-intensity rain caused floods that hit almost all regions in Indonesia, and damaged many of the residents' facilities, including government public facilities, such as breaking bridges between one village and another or one sub-district and another. As a result of the flood, quite a few members of the farming community lost their livelihoods because their rice fields were damaged by the flood, and quite a few of them also lost their homes because they were swept away by the flood. Flood disasters not only hit rural areas but also hit almost all urban areas in Indonesia, including Kendari City the capital of Southeast Sulawesi Province. It never escapes flood disasters every time it rains with high intensity. The overflow of two large rivers, namely, the Wanggu River and the Sampara River, who’s downstream is in Kendari City, means that Kendari City never escapes the threat of flood disasters. The problem approach used in this research is a normative juridical approach and an empirical juridical approach. One of the results of research and discussion is that the Surat Kabar Harian (SKH) Rakyat Sultra</em> <em>carries out the press control function, as stated in the Basic Press Law No: 40 of 1999 concerning the Press in the environmental sector, especially in terms of voicing the problem of dealing with floods which continue to hit the people of Kendari City, in every rainy season with high intensity, it is not yet optimal. Even though in other fields such as Education, Business, and Politics it has done its best, because of the special rubrication that has been prepared and one of the conclusions is that the Surat Kabar Harian (SKH) Rakyat Sultra</em> <em>should make environmental issues, especially the problem of handling floods in Kendari City, the main issue. Apart from witnessing the problem of floods continuing to inundate residential areas of residents every rainy season with high intensity, which causes residents' facilities to be damaged due to being submerged in floods, the impact of the floods themselves can be felt directly by media activist journalists, in several sections When there is heavy rain, roads in Kendari City cannot be passed by motorized vehicles because they are flooded with water that reaches the height of an adult's thighs.</em></p> 2023-12-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Association of Management and Human Resource Development The Influence of Competence, Quality of Public Services and Emotional Exhaustion on the Performance of Health Workers at BLUD RSU Bombana District 2024-02-22T00:31:49+07:00 mariani Lucia Evianti Patulak Imran Imran Usman Usman Fifita Sari <p><em>The aims of this research is to examine and explain the effect of competence, service quality and emotional exhaustion both simultaneously and partially on the performance of health workers. This research approach is a positivist paradigm with a quantitative method. Data collection was carried out in a cross-sectional manner by using a questionnaire for all health workers at the BLUD Bombana District General Hospital. Therefore, the study population was all health workers at the BLUD Bombana District General Hospital, totaling 302 people. Furthermore, the size of this research sample was determined using the Slovin formula at a precision level of 10% and the sampling technique used was random sampling so that a total of 51 workers were obtained. The results of this study indicate that competence, service quality and emotional exhaustion together have a positive and significant effect on the performance of health workers. Competence has a positive and significant effect on the performance of health workers. Then the quality of service has a positive and significant effect on the performance of health workers. Furthermore, partially emotional exhaustion has a negative and significant effect on the performance of health workers. Thus it can be concluded that the better the competence, quality of service and decreased emotional exhaustion, the performance of health workers will significantly increase. This result is also reinforced by the statements of respondents based on the description of the competency variables, service quality, emotional exhaustion and the performance of health workers, the majority of respondents stated that they were good.</em></p> 2023-12-26T00:00:00+07:00 Copyright (c) 2024 International Association of Management and Human Resource Development