Modern Education, Technology and Business Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century Promote the Common Progress of Mankind


  • Hongmei Xie Jose Rizal University


Education, Digitalization, Technology, Enterprise Management, Social Services, Human Community


This paper mainly Research the effect of social change brought by education, technology, and enterprise spirit from the perspective of the new era. Enterprises and society should make guiding research on the future direction of human development. Mankind has officially entered the digital age. Digital technology has penetrated into the production and operation of enterprises, relevant government agencies, residents 'lives, and other aspects, and has had a great influence on the economy and people's daily activities. China is one of the rapid developments in digital technology. A digital economy with digital technology as the main means and data as the key factor of production is developing rapidly in China. Modern educational technology and enterprises make the exchanges between countries closer, make closer ties between countries, promote the accelerated growth of the human community, and study the joint role of education, technology, and enterprises in society. It plays a guiding role in accelerating the construction of the human community and the development of the national economy and society.


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