Exploring Factors Affecting the Use of Digital Platforms by participants of Instagram Marketing Incentive Workshop


  • Jegathiswary A/P Murukan Commerce Department, Polytechnic Sultan Azlan Shah, Malaysia
  • Has Syalihah Binti Mohamad Irani Commerce Department, Polytechnic Sultan Azlan Shah, Malaysia
  • Wan ‘Afifah Binti Wan Abdullah Commerce Department, Polytechnic Sultan Azlan Shah, Malaysia


Digital, Entrepreneurship, Platform.


The COVID-19 pandemic speeds up the digital transformation in aspects such as the economy, education, business, economy, and society. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, entrepreneurs are much affected in physically handling business. Therefore, digital entrepreneurship has been the alternate way for entrepreneurs to conduct business. Based on previous literature, the role of digital platforms is more significant to micro and small enterprises due to limited resources, the size of the firm, and their financial capabilities. This research focused on exploring factors affecting the use of digital platforms in terms of skills in using the internet, motivation for using the internet to enhance business, and sources of information obtained from the internet that are used for business purposes. 25 Instagram Marketing Incentive Workshop participants were chosen as respondents for this study. A questionnaire is used as an instrument, and data analysis mainly emphasizes mean and standard deviation. The outcome from the data analysis shows that respondents have moderate skills in using the internet. Besides that, using the internet for business purposes motivates more people to engage in business. Finally, using the internet helps them to get business-related information moderately. The recommendation and limitations stated for future researchers in terms of key success factors for entrepreneurs sustain in the market by using digital platforms to conduct business


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