Quality Management Practices Framework in Selected Water Refilling Station in Pampanga Towards Stainability of Business Operation


  • Cherrylyn Aure-Albayalde Philippine Christian University, Philippines
  • Neil Bermudez Philippine Christian University, Philippines


Quality Management Practices, Sustainability, Water Refilling Station


The study was conducted to determine the quality management practices in selected water refilling station in Pampanga in terms leadership, customer focus, workforce focus, and service management; and sustainability practices relative to environmental safety, return of assets, and return of equity. The researcher employed descriptive research method. The research referred to an open-access and validated tools from Quality Management in Organizations by D’Souza and Sequeira (2011) with variables comparing quality management practices; and researcher-made questionnaire on the sustainability practices culled from related literature The respondents are the employees of Aqua Sparkletts Water Refilling Station. Total enumeration sampling method was applied in the selection of the respondents The assessment of the employee-respondents were computed and quantified using the mean. Further, the tests of significant difference in the given answers by the respondents were done through the use of the T-test and ANOVA. Findings indicate that quality management practices were practiced to a very high extent by the company. Demographic profile variables of the respondents do not moderate the quality management practices which resulted to the acceptance of the hypotheses. Sustainability of the water refilling station in terms of environmental safety, return on assets and equity are assessed to a very high extent which affect the quality management practices. Recommendations and quality management framework for sustainability of water refilling station were offered.


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