Research On the Dilemma and Countermeasures of Elderly Universities


  • Yue Hu Rizhao Marine Engineering Vocational College


Aging, Geriatric University, Geriatric Education


With the increasingly serious phenomenon of global aging, how to build an elderly care service system to meet the physical and mental health development of the elderly and give full play to their advantages of human resources has become a common concern of society, and the role of elderly education in it can not be underestimated. This paper mainly takes the universities for the elderly in the elderly education as the research object and puts forward reasonable countermeasures to solve the difficulties existing in the universities for the elderly, such as the unbalanced allocation of educational resources, the shortage of teachers, and the inability of curriculum content to meet the needs. So as to realize the orderly and sustainable development of universities for the elderly and strengthen the education for the elderly.


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