Thinking And Exploration of The Application Of 5s Management in Hospital Administrative Departments


  • Wang Lei Rizhao Vocational College of Marine Engineering, China


5S Applications, Hospitals, Administrative Departments


In the process of hospital construction, administrative talents have a very important role, and their ability and quality will directly affect the development of the hospital. However, at this stage, the construction of the administrative team of most hospitals is not very optimistic, not only the management concept is relatively backward, the management level is limited, and the work efficiency is not high, but also lacks initiative and responsibility, which seriously hinders the healthy development of the hospital. Modern major hospitals use the 5S management method to adjust human resources and distribute people and work to the best. In view of this, this paper analyzes in detail the problems existing in the construction of the hospital administrative team, and puts forward effective suggestions and countermeasures in combination with 5S management, we will take you to explore what the 5S application specifically refers to, how the hospital should apply 5S to improve the management mode of the hospital administrative department, how the specific structure of the hospital administrative department is, what kind of categories, and what measures should be used for 5S application management.


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